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For Those Wanting More Out of Life

Actually Achieve Your Goals and Dreams Without all the Struggles and Frustrations

Learn how to overcome the invisible barriers holding people back because "strategies" and "changing your thoughts" only gets you so far.

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For all the women who are trying to build happy, fulfilling, and successful lives but not seeing the results they want...

...the ones who have tried so many different strategies, feel like they are doing the right things, and can't understand what they're missing.

The ones who know exactly what to do but just aren't doing it.

And the ones that begin to think something's wrong with them or that they're not cut out for the life they want.

If you've felt this way too, no matter if you've been wanting to change jobs or careers, wanting to start or grow a business, or are just wanting a better life for yourself then keep reading.

This is me!

Setting goals and having dreams is easy. Actually taking action and fulfilling them takes something more.

Especially when it seems like some people are able to quickly achieve theirs and others aren’t.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a business, change careers, go after a promotion, or are working towards something else that you really want.

If you’re not seeing results, something needs to change.

And if you’re like most of my students before they start working with me, or even myself at one point, chances are you’re dreaming big but are dealing with stress, overwhelm, and procrastination that makes it difficult to start working towards them, let alone finishing them.

Most people think that in order to achieve your goals and dreams that you just need to have motivation and a good strategy...

...but the truth is you can have all the motivation and best strategies in the world and still not see results.

If that were true, everyone would be experiencing the same or very similar results, but that’s not the case.

The real reason for lack of results are hidden internal barriers in your mind.

These hidden internal barriers are intensived by the Inner Bully.

The Inner Bully is that inner negative voice that fills you with doubt, fear, and other things that can hold you back if you're not careful.

These invisible barriers and the Inner Bully come from conditioned thoughts, memories, experiences and beliefs over time.

From those little or big memories that you thought were no longer a problem yet they're still lurking in your subconscious (the hidden parts of your mind).

The more of that you have, the less your true self is able to shine on the surface.

The less your true self is able to shine, the less happy and productive you are.

The more you'll experience stress, overwhelm, and procrastination.

When you have hidden invisble barriers and the Inner Bully is in control, whether you’re aware of it or not, the less you'll be able to both feel good about yourself and also to achieve what you want.

Things like quitting your job, starting or growing a business, or changing your life in some way big or small can become much more difficult.

It's like trying to drive your car without realizing you never took the emergency brake off.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make with trying to get into more focused and productive action is trying to just change their thoughts and force themselves into it thinking that it’ll fix the problem.

The thing is, that's just putting on a band-aid on a cut that really needs stitches. It’ll likely be doing more damage than good.

It's not healing the wound, it's just trying to hide it.

Or even worse, they’re ignoring their internal state altogether because they think they're fine or don’t need it.

They don’t realize that even those with strong minds can still have things below the surface that are holding them back.

The internal barriers pop up even more when you start trying something new and start leaving your comfort zone.

And if you ever have a negative memory come up or get an emotional response from something in your life that lingers for a while, this is the Inner Bully crying out for attention.

It’s crucial to find and remove these hidden barriers so that your Inner Bully becomes under your control and it starts with awareness and learning the what and the why of what's going on inside the hidden parts of your mind.

You have to do the inner work.

The inner work is when you deep dive into the root causes of what's going on in your subconscious mind and then clear it out.

From there you can start growing the best and truest parts of your real self.

The parts that were previously buried under those hidden barriers.

The hard truth is that if you don't do the inner work to find and remove those invisible barriers, then you’ll stay the same.

Staying the same means being stuck with the same results.

You’ll be stuck year after year in the cycle of setting goals and wanting to change, but never being able to actually do it and wondering why it’s not happening for you.

If you want new results, you need to do something new.

To do something new you have to BE someone new.

And it all starts with the inner work.

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The truth is you can only work towards your goals and dreams for so long without results, before you start losing hope or quitting all together.

It begins to eat away at your self worth more and more.

Have you ever thought:

"Why can't I do this?"

"Why is everyone else making it seem so easy?"

"What's holding me back?"

You get to a breaking point where something needs to happen or you'll give up on your dreams.

At some point you can't just rely on strategy anymore or even surface level thought work.

Journaling and affirmations are great, but if you're not also doing deeper inner work of self exploration into your subconscious mind, it's not going to change much.

You must to turn inward.

Yet, most won’t look inward as the solution to their problem, but change comes from the inside out.

By doing the inner work to tame your Inner Bully and grow your true self, you change from within.

You start shifting your identity because who you are may not be who you actually are.

Your invisible barriers and your Inner Bully hide your true self from you. You need to unleash your true self.

I know what you’re thinking. “OK, I need to do the inner work to tame my Inner Bully and unleash myself, but how?”

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered and I’m here to help you with your journey.


The You Unleashed Program

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The ultimate program to take you from holding back to taking charge

  • Uncover the secret ways your brain has been self sabotaging you so you can start breaking free once and for all.
  • Discover the life changing process to find and release what's holding you back from getting the results you want.
  • Rediscover who you really are so you can know exactly what you want with your life.
  • Become who you need to be so you can operate from your highest and best self.
  • Unleash your full potential
I'm Ready to Unleash

What Happens When You Unleash

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Through unleashing I was able to go from someone with:

  • depression
  • anxiety (general and social)
  • self doubt and resistance
  • poor habits
  • fears of being seen and talking to people
  • little self love
  • a job I hated
  • stress and overwhelm


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to someone who:

  • is happy
  • is confident
  • takes risks
  • gets visible and enjoys talking/being around people
  • no longer suffers depression/anxiety
  • loves myself
  • quit my job to focus on my growing business
  • has less stress and more focus
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And my students have seen some amazing results such as:

  • better communication
  • stronger boundaries
  • finally making a big investment she had wanted to for a while
  • changing jobs to leave a toxic environment
  • deciding to change careers and taking classes
  • more alignment with their job or business
  • more self worth and love
  • getting finances under control

What You Unleashed Students are Saying

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Jen Let Go of Childhood Trauma

I have been having blocks and limiting beliefs for years. I have always been super driven, but I always knew something was holding me back from speaking my truth and moving forward with my businesses and life.

You Unleashed has changed everything for my personal journey and confidence.

Releasing past childhood trauma and years of stuck negative energy helped me immediately.

It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted and I’m just getting started!

I would absolutely 100% recommend You Unleashed. It has been invaluable and super powerful on my healing journey.

It has really helped me unblock everything holding me back and let my confidence shine through. It is very informative and helpful having the coaching calls available when you need them has been extremely helpful. You need Rebecca in your life!

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Sara Changed Her Life

I was struggling with procrastination and the negative stories I would tell myself regarding my life. I knew I needed to dig deeper to overcome those stories and really begin to shift my way of thinking.

Rebecca has been super helpful in guiding me with my mindset to make life transistions easier. I never realized how much from my past was holding me back from going after my dreams. Letting go of the past and moving forward into my true self has been life altering.

I can't recommend Rebecca and her work enough. I would highly recommend You Unleashed to someone who is ready to let go off the past and move into their true self. Working through the blocks that are holding you back will open so many doors for you as you begin to step into the women you are truly meant to be.

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Want to Take Back Control Like Arlin Did?

I'm so happy I took the course! I feel like I finally am getting back in control of some things in my life and am getting back to the old me in some ways. I recommend the You Unleashed program without hesitation. This program helped me to recognize some blocks I didn't realize I had and start making progress in areas I'd been stuck in for years.

My main problem was struggling with money mindset issues. I also had a victim mindset and would give up easily when things got hard (related to money). Through the program, I was able to recognize some events from the past that impacted me, work through a process to let go of some emotional baggage, and get back to being the "old me and was able to drop the victim mindset.

I'm so happy I took the course and would absolutely recommend it! Rebecca is a great coach and always there to ask questions and get you thinking about things in ways you might not have considered. I feel like I finally am getting back in control of some things in my life. I think this program would be most helpful to anyone who is interested in exploring how their past is impacting their present. It's also perfect for those who have unresolved issues that are holding them back.

Here's Whats Inside the You Unleashed Program Once You Enroll

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Discover how to use simple tools so that you can skyrocket your transformation.


Uncover the secret ways your brain has been self sabotaging you so you can start breaking free once and for all.


Learn how to prepare for ways life can throw you off course without letting go of your responsibilities or the things you value.


Adding in the quickest ways and additional tools to speed up your transformation.


Discover the secret life changing process to releasing your blocks so that you can jumpstart your transformation through this healing work. Includes a preparation week, a release week, and a break week. Plan for a 2 day self-mindset retreat (at home or away) that you'll want to be alone for.

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Once your blocks are clear, things start to move a bit faster for you. It's time to build up your brains muscle for positive feelings and thoughts that lead to massive action.


Use your past to figure out who the true you is so you can grow and develop the best parts of yourself.


Use what you relearned about yourself in weeks 10-11 to discover your true purpose.


Learn how to coach, trust, and empower yourself to help grow your best self from within.

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PHASE 3: BECOMING & ACTING (Modules 14 - 16)


Understand the sneaky mindset trick that increases productivity, action taking, and your total transformation process.


Learn how to deal with when you take your life to the next level so that you can handle it more easily and with less setbacks.


Discover how to take this program and unleash your confident action to your life.

If you're ready to unleash yourself so you can feel better on the inside and achieve your goals faster and easier on the outside then enroll in the You Unleashed program today.

I'm Ready!









You Unleashed

Transformation starts from within and expands to all areas of your life.

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So, What's the Investment?

By now you're probably feeling really excited about unleashing yourself so you can be happier, more fulfilled, and more successful in your life or business and you're ready to take that next step.

Then comes that question that can hold a lot of people back "how much?".

I totally get it, I've been there too.

My journey has been over the past two years and I've taken a number of courses, certifications, and recieved coaching at various levels.

To be honest, I've spent five figures on mindset work but it's always been worth it.

The good news for you is that this isn't going to take you 2 years and five figures.

This program could easily be a $5,000 program and in fact I've been told by other coaches and even my own students to raise the investment.

I want to make sure people who need it are getting the help and support they deserve.

This is why my group coaching program is only $2997.

Most programs like this start at that level of investment as Do-It-Yourself style. Group coaching programs usually run $4k+ and may not even include a course.

You get both. 

And for a limited time you can choose between a small group of 4 or 15 minute 1:1 calls for support. This opportunity will not last long.

In addition, you're going to be getting personalized support from a coach who's been there herself. Who knows what the struggle to better yourself feels like.

Changing your life from the inside out, changes all aspects of your life not just what you're actively working on.

If you've been wanting to do the inner work and make a change in how you show up for yourself and your life, this is your opportunity. Don't let it pass you by.

Are you ready to unleash?

TOTAL VALUE = $10,000+

Get Started Today For As Little as $775

Plus, change your life in record time with extra goodies

The 16 modules within You Unleashed will completely change your life and how you show up for yourself and achieve your goals, but that's only the beginning.

When you enroll in You Unleashed, you'll also recieve these valuable bonuses to help you unleash even faster.

Printables, Transcripts, and Workbooks ($1600 value)

There are so many ways to absorb materials and workbooks can expedite transformations. These printable workbooks, transcripts, slides, and more, will keep you organized and help you make deeper connections with the course materials.

Supported Facebook Group ($997+)

Have questions? Need support and accountability? I've got you covered! Ask as many questions as you want in the group. There's weekly threads for Q&A and homework, plus additional accountability. Or make your own posts for feedback.

Subliminals and Meditations ($150 value)

Enjoy subliminals and meditations to enhance your transformation. These are released at various points throughout the program.

Small Group Coaching

4 Installments of $775

Max 4 per Group

  • 16 Modules ($6000 value)
  • Subliminals and meditations ($150 value)
  • Workbooks and Printables ($1600 value)
  • Facebook Group to get support from myself and your fellow students ($997 value)
  • 16 weeks of small group coaching or 15 min 1:1s ($2000 value) 


Enroll Now

1:1 Coaching (Limited Spots)


Most Support

  • 16 Modules ($6000 value)
  • Subliminals and meditations ($150 value)
  • Workbooks and Printables ($1600 value)
  • Facebook Group to get support from myself and your fellow students ($997 value)
  • 16 weeks of 1:1 calls (60 mins each), email support, workbook reviews, plus two 15 minute life-line calls ($8,000 value) 
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While this work is transformational, I want to make sure you're satisfied so I'm offering a 30 day happiness guarantee. If you're unhappy with the program, you can request a refund within 30 days. Email [email protected]

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Sandi Has Healed And Speaks Up More


Visibility blocks were holding me back in my business. Boundaries and constantly battling to get my voice heard were physically draining. 

Since I did the first set of releases, I am speaking up more when I feel that my voice isn't being heard.  I'm also finding a lot more confidence in general with putting my business offers out there. I am on my way to building a successful business.

This weekend, I recorded an evergreen webinar and nailed the recording on the first take. The self confidence is fueling my momentum. 

I have healed more during this program than I ever have with traditional talk therapy. 

Having the group has really helped to hear from other women to see how many of us have similar struggles. Also, having Rebecca as a guide who understands the process has been invaluable!! 

The videos are the perfect length for a busy entrepreneur who is also juggling a 9-5. 

If you are hesitating about You, Unleashed, just do it! Your friends and family will be amazed when they see your transformation, but more importantly, you'll feel so much better about yourself as you move through the healing phase.

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Lauren Realized How Important This Work Was

While it might feel backward to take a step back and do the mindset work, it’s soooo worth it, because it can save us from spinning our wheels for years or decades to come. So many women are unhappy and have a low image about themselves. This program is the difference between berating yourself for the rest of your life...and taking ownership and rising above the negative feelings. It's so worth the time and investment it takes.

I've long felt I'm called to do big things, like speak to thousands as a motivational speaker or write a bestselling book. But I never felt ready and I struggled to make any money in my business. I was scared to take those steps to making my dreams come true. After this work, my dreams don't feel so far away anymore.

The biggest takeaway I had from the program was to give myself the space to rant and then to acknowledge "Yeah, that was really terrible. It should've gone this way" and then to rewrite the story. I found that as soon as I acknowledge the immature, catty voice inside of me, it quiets down or goes away completely. Like, all it ever needed was to be heard.

I've been using the release steps every time I come up against a thought that I know isn't logical. I journal about it, work through the steps and usually have a breakthrough that seems so logical but that was completely invisible to me before the process.

It’s so interesting to not feel like I’m magically a different person, but then to revisit notes from a few months ago and see how much fear and anxiety I held. I was so afraid of things that don’t even register as fear now. Visiting my previous self and listening to all her worries and struggles, I realize how important this work is.

So Let's Recap

When you enroll in You Unleashed today, you'll...

  • Uncover the secret ways your brain has been self sabotaging you so you can start breaking free once and for all.
  • Discover the life changing process to find and release what's holding you back from getting the results you want.
  • Rediscover who you really are so you can know exactly what you want with your life.
  • Become who you need to be so you can operate from your highest and best self.
  • Unleash your full potential


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The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, choosing to do nothing means that nothing changes.

You've tried buying courses that teach you the strategies but haven't been able to fully implement them.

You've tried to just "change your thoughts" or "be positive" but it's not making an impact.

You feel like you've tried "all the things" but it's still not working, and if you keep on that path, everything stays the same.

You get the same results you've always gotten.

But if you already know that you want to experience more emotional freedom so that you can overcome overwhelm, roadblocks, and procrastination.

You can become more focused, productive, and action oriented so that you can achieve your goals faster and more easily, then your choice is obvious:

Enroll in the You Unleashed program today to begin your personal transformation journey.

So if you choose to make yourself a priority and improve your life from the inside out, then simply click the button below to enroll in You Unleashed today.

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