Effective date: July 13, 2021


Website, Coaching, and Program

The purpose of this website (RebeccaForst.com) and it’s program (Awaken to Break Free) is to provide tools, guidance, and support that allow it’s visitors and students to transform their lives from the inside out. This information found on this website and it’s associated program(s) have come from my own life experiences, transformation experiences/journey, and coaching certifications. 


By participating in, reading, or following my website, social, emails, or program(s) you acknowledge that I am not a licensed therapist, counselor, or medical professional. The tools, guidance, and support found on my website, program(s), or coaching are not a substitution for therapy or working with a healthcare professional. The website and/or program(s) can be used in conjunction with your medical professional if deemed appropriate. 


The Awaken to Break Free program gives you tools, guidance, and support to help you assist yourself in your own transformation. It assumes that you are at a functional level of mental health and that you want to improve your mindset and life. If you are not at a functional level, a licensed professional is recommended and to not take the program until you are at that point. 


While the Awaken to Break Free program does help you look into your past which can be viewed as similar to therapy, the goal is not to stay there but to release and then move on to your present and future. The program assumes you are functional and able to handle revisiting the past. Emotions, sometimes strong ones, likely will arise but not to the level of therapy. 


If you do find that it’s too much to handle on your own or with my support, it is encouraged for you to seek out a licensed therapist or medical provider. If you know that you won’t be able to safely handle these emotions based on your mental health history, it is advised to not take this program until you can safely manage them.




The results generated with this website, social, email, and/or program(s) are the responsibility of the visitor or student and may vary. You get out what you put in. I cannot guarantee your results but I guarantee I will do my best to support you in your journey and deliver the materials as stated. The more you show up and ask for guidance, the better the results you will see.


Use of Subliminals


This website and program(s) offers subliminal audios to enhance transformations. Subliminals are hidden affirmations recorded in soothing audios. These are not meant as medical treatment and do not replace therapy or other medical support. They are meant for entertainment and informational/educational purposes. They are not to be used by those under 18. Do not use it while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. The subliminals available were recorded with my own voice and a copy of the underlying affirmations will be available to you.


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