The Secret Key to Grow Your Business Faster

Sep 01, 2021


If your online business isn’t growing fast enough, or at all, you’re going to want to check out the real key to growth that I’m going to be sharing here in this post.


This blog is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs unleash their minds so that they can grow their businesses faster and easier. 


Today I’m going to be talking about a huge mistake I see in the online space when it comes to growing your business and how you can start correcting that mistake using a few simple tools.


First, let’s talk about the big mistake. What most think is key to business growth: strategy.


As an online entrepreneur, especially a blogger, course creator, or coach, we’re often told you need to “buy this amazing program to change your business” or “this one strategy will make you money right away”.


We’re constantly pressured to buy more and more online courses. That FOMO is so real, right?


But the thing is that there’s no one, right, or only strategy that’s going to explode your business from side hustle to full time business. If that were the case, everyone taking the same courses would be having the same results.


The truth is, that every course has students that get wildly different results.



If you’ve been still struggling to grow your blog or struggling to grow your business, then there are likely a couple other reasons why.


Firstly, are you actually implementing what you’re learning or are you just jumping from course to course hoping to find that one golden nugget that’ll change everything for you?


Don’t worry if this is you, it was me for a while too. I just needed to find that “one thing” that would change my business around. But when you don’t put the time and effort into the programs you already have, you’re not going to see the results like other people are.


You’re missing out on a lot of information that could be really helpful to you.


Secondly, and the whole reason for this post, is that all the courses and strategies in the world aren’t going to make much of a difference if, not only are you not implementing, but you don’t truly believe it will work for you.


Which is often why we don’t fully implement anyways.


So this brings me to what the actual secret weapon is for growing your business faster and easier: a strong and unleashed mindset.


So now let’s go over the actual secret key/weapon - your mind and how it affects your business


Honestly, I’m very sad that I didn’t learn about how important your mind is to your success for the first few years of my business. It feels like no one’s talking about blogging mindset or entrepreneur mindset. It’s all strategy, strategy, strategy.


I get it though, strategy sells. They often sell a quick fix to make money in your business in weeks or months.


I’ll be the first to admit I’ve bought courses I shouldn’t have because they made it seem like this would be the one thing to change my business. But it wasn’t.


Either because I had a poor mindset at the time so I didn’t implement properly or just because it wasn’t aligned with the kind of business I want to have.


That’s why I’m here now. To show other online entrepreneurs that there’s more to your business than strategy and if you want to grow your business faster, you need to invest less in strategy and more into your mind.


You see, the thing is that 80% of success comes from within. It’s your mind and it needs to be unleashed. Building a business with just strategies is like trying to drive with your foot partially on the brake because you’re too afraid to drive full speed.


You’re moving, but not anywhere fast.


How many 6 and 7 figure business owners do you see that don’t exude confidence or that don’t believe in themselves? Very few, if any at all.


The belief in yourself and what you’re doing must be there.



And not just a conscious level “yes, I can do this!” because, again, that was me too. On the conscious level, aka the thoughts we know we are thinking, I thought I could do it. I wanted to have a successful online business.


Guess what? That’s only 5% of the story in your mind. While 80% of success comes from your mind, your mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious and they must be aligned for a unleashed mindset.


Your conscious level thoughts, what you know you’re thinking, is only 5% while there’s 95% of your thoughts in the subconscious. This is what’s deep down and not readily available to know unless you have the right tools, which I’ll get to shortly.


When they are aligned, you’re able to accomplish what you seek to do because there’s not as much internal resistance going on.

When they aren’t aligned, this is when your mind starts hurting you through self sabotage and limiting beliefs. Without an unleashed mindset, the majority of those secret invisible thoughts are negative and constantly on repeat. 


So, while on the surface someone may believe in what they’re working towards, deep down they don’t.


Why does the brain do this? In short, it’s for your protection. It’s perceiving something you’re doing is a threat to you. Usually this is when you’re leaving your comfort zone or triggers a limiting belief or mindset block,


A limiting belief is a negative statement you’re thinking about yourself or your situation that is holding you back. For instance “I can’t do this”, “I’m not good enough”, and “I don’t know what to do”.


A mindset block is the same as a limiting belief but has more pain behind it, usually from memories or conditioning thoughts and behaviors.


These limiting beliefs and mindset blocks lead to self sabotaging your goals.


Self sabotage can appear as fear, doubt, indecision, overthinking, overplanning, seeking validation or approval, perfectionism, procrastination, self criticism, and more that is holding you back from your goals. 


You may not even be consciously aware you’re doing it. I always just thought I was a planner and an overthinker but turns out that’s my mind's way of holding me back while making me think that I’m still working on my goals or business. 


This is why it’s not just a strategy that you need. It’s mindset work. It should be a top priority in your life, especially if you want to own an online business where you’ll constantly be leaving your comfort zone.


So how do you get started? Let’s talk about it.


First, let’s talk about mindset work most people do


So now that you know that your mind is key to your business, it’s time to start getting into mindset work you can do. First I’m going to talk about the mindset work most people do.


In the final section, I’ll talk about how to take it deeper if you need to.


What a lot of coaches teach is a self coaching model in which your thoughts create your feelings which create your actions which create your results.


So if you want new results, like more money in your business, you need to find thoughts that will help you achieve that.


For instance, if you’re thinking “making money online is hard”, this may make you feel discouraged, so then you don’t work on money generating activities, and then you don’t make money.


Instead you can start thinking “making money online is easy”, so then you’ll feel excited, you’ll work on money generating activities, and you’ll actually start to make money.


This is a simplified version and I’ll make a full post on this in the future.


Similar to this, most people say to “just flip your thoughts”. Whatever negative thought comes into your head just say something positive instead. For example, if you think “making money online is hard” , change it to “making money online is easy”.


You can even take this a step further by turning it into an affirmation you say daily to help rewire your thoughts.


That said, I really dislike the “just flip your thoughts” that happens in the personal development industry, because for some it’s not that easy. But I’ll get to that in the last section.


Another thing most people doing mindset work do, which I love but also like to take deeper, is journaling. There are a lot of ways to do it. Some write out all their thoughts, some have specific things they like to write about, and some use prompts to help them.


I’m a big advocate of journaling and it’s what I teach my You Unleashed students to do. I recommend 20-30 minutes (daily if possible) of free writing to see what you can learn about by tapping into the subconscious.


The first page is usually your conscious level thoughts and by page 2 or 3 you’re getting into the hidden barriers or hidden ideas below the surface.



However, sometimes all of this isn’t enough. Sometimes when people hear “just change your thoughts” or “just do it” when talking about their to-do list they still keep procrastinating, get triggered or completely shut down.


This is because they have deeper work to do. I was the same way. So now I’m going to talk about that work if this is you.


Next let’s take it deeper with Inner Work (also called Shadow Work or Inner Child Work)

There are multiple different terms for deep diving into your mindset more than just working on the surface. Some call it shadow work, others call it inner work, some call it inner child work, and I’m sure there are even more names for it.


No matter what you want to call it, it’s about exploring your subconscious and often the memories, blocks, conditioning, etc that either holds you back or sets you free.


You’re learning to study yourself like a scientist. What makes you happy, sad, confident, reclusive and so on?


It’s all about self exploration and usually the first thing to do is to study what brings out your inner negativity so you can start rewiring that away.


Once you do that, you can revisit all the things you truly love because it may have been blocked before.


For instance, I thought I was a very reserved introvert who only wanted to work with animals, but through inner work, like I now teach my students, I’ve discovered I’m a loud introvert that loves working with people.


Inner work or shadow work, is a form of healing work because you’re looking at the deeper levels of yourself. What may need to be healed and what you may need to do to release, even if it’s part of you that you already thought was healed.


So how do you get started with this? When you do your journaling, write whatever comes to your mind but also start looking for the whys or reasons you’re thinking or behaving the way you are. 


The more you know about yourself the more you can start problem solving for yourself. 


If you want to know more about inner work and getting an unleashed mindset, make sure to look out for the next posts and sign up for the free 5 day Action Takers Mindset challenge.


In the next post I’ll be going more into how to get started so you can overcoming limiting beliefs and self sabotage in your business

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